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Is there a need to respond to the shifting realm of architecture in our Indian Mega Cities?


The Urban Sprawl of Delhi & Mumbai has almost doubled in a gap of 20 to 30 years.


With the Pros of Urbanization, came some cons, which have been constantly affecting areas within and around these cities.

Urban Waste & Shrinking Resource Bank
Urban Heat, Congestion & Diminishing Green Cover
Lack of Sanitation &
Quality of Life

60% of the Buildings within these cities had already come up by the 1990s

The built up area is marked by several buildings, public transport, an extensive road network & other public infrastructure. Most of these are Extensively Used.

While several are extensively used, few are under-utilized or have been totally abandoned. Older buildings are approaching dilapidation

So, are the buildings of our great cities, as relevant today as they were when they were built?

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